Shipping API
Machine to machine logistics interface

Shipping API is a programming inteface between a core logistics system of shipping provider (subsidiaries of Austrian post) and a parcel shippers. Shipping API is designed for shipment data exchange, shipping labels creation and shipping cost calculation for domestic parcel and pallet shipping and international road transportation in Eurodis network.


    What can Shipping API do?

    Shipping API is an interface to all shipping services of a shipping provider. Shipping API can create shipments using your address data, create pick-up orders, validate the shipment data, get pricing information per shipment, schedule a collection and track shipments in real time directly from your system, without using any of software of a shipping provider. If you are not sure if your software can use Shipping API, please contact your IT administrator.

    List of features

    Shipping APIs cover most of the services that shipping provider offers to the customers. In additional to services and features offered, there are some features that come exclusivelly with the use of Shipping API.

    Feature name Feature description
    Create shipments and pick-up orders User can submit address data and shipping service data get one or more shipping label for parcels and pallets. Shipments can be picked up at the shippers address or an alternative address. Please consult the Supported services for details.
    Get pricing information User can get pricing information per shipment created via Shipping API in local currency.
    Schedule collection and delivery User can schedule a collection of one or more shipment for a specific time and date, produce a PDF pick-up list (loading list of shipment for shipping).
    Track shipments in real time Shipping API can transmit shipment tracking information upon request.

    Additional features

    If you cannot find some feature of the Shipping API, please consult the Further Shipping API development section. If you cannot find your feature there, please use Support contact details to find the appropriate solution for your inquiry. Be sure to use the contact details intended for your country. If you are an international customer, please contact your sales representative.

    Supported shipping services

    Most of the shipping services offered by a shipping provider with Shipping API are available through Shipping API.

    Feature group Feature Croatia (Overseas Express)
    Offered by shipping provider Available via Shipping API Available in Internet Shipping
    Domestic shipping End of business day yes
    Delivery up to 8:30 yes yes
    Delivery up to 10:30 yes yes
    Cash-on-delivery (COD) yes yes
    Additional insurance yes yes
    Document return yes yes
    Collection scheduling yes yes
    Pick-up at alternative address yes yes
    International shipping International road (Eurodis) yes
    International UPS yes no
    Shipping labels Custom shipping label size n/a
    Custom shipping label text n/a yes
    Shipping label PDF export n/a yes
    • UPS services availabe via with MyUPS account.

    How can shipping API help my business?

    Shipping API can bring different benefits to any business that requires regular shipping of parcels and pallets. Some of the effects are listed below.

    Less undeliverable shipments

    Retyping receivers address into an additional software is not only cost-beneficial, but is prone to errors which can cause shipping delays or undelivered shipments. Using Shipping API, you do not have to worry about that as real time direct data transmission and validation assures that those mistakes do not happen.

    Use only your system

    If your business uses Shipping API, you will not need to train your staff to use shipping provider's web aplication.

    Customize shipping label

    You may want to brand the shipping labels with your logo or use some special shipping label size. This is all possible, as Shipping API produces fully customizable shipping labels in any size.

    Receiver database maintenance

    As opposed to usage of Internet Shipping which offers you the usage of the standard address book, Shipping API uses the data you provide it. So, if the shipment receiver changes the address, you will need to update it in your system only as Shipping API creates shipping documents based on the.

    Getting started

    Is very easy. It's strongly recommend that you read through this entire document. After you have finished getting this inforation, please consult Support contact details for any inquiries you might have.

    Access to Shipping API

    Shipping API is publicly accessible via address HTTPS access to API access (port 403) is currently not available. However HTTPS access is a planned feature. Access is granted by provisioning a valid shipping API key by a parcel shipping company. If you require the access to the Shipping API, please contact your sales representative. If you do not know who is your sales representative, or you are not a customer of the shipping company, please contact the support.

    The access is granted to Provisioning of new API keys Customer is granted an access to a Shipping API by generating an API key via the Shipping API administration interface. A customer is refereced by the customer account number from the cargoNET system (customer ID) in the Shipping API administration interface. It is recommended that Shipping API administration user interface is visible only from withing a shipping company network. Decision process of when the access to the Shippping API via an API key in granted to a customer is handled by a shipping company.

    Maintenance and downtime

    Being the core business application, Shipping API maintenance and downtime is carefully planned. Most of the updates are scheduled for outside of regular business hours whenever that is possible. The technical personnel of Shipping API users will be notified of any planned longer downtime by posting such information on official shipping provider's website. In case of an ad-hoc maintenance or downtime, technical contact will not be notified if a downtime is shorter than 30 minutes.

    Further Shipping API development

    You can find the list of features that are not implemented yet, but are planned for future implementation:

    Feature name Status Implementation date
    Connectors for .NET in development September 2014
    Connectors for Ruby in development September 2014
    Connectors for Java in development September 2014
    Connestors for PHP in development September 2014
    HTTP access to Shipping APIs planned not set yet

    Please consult this section to track surther development of Shipping API.

    How to request a feature? If you think that current feature set and set of features that are planned to be developed are not fitting your needs, please consult the support with your request. All request will be assessed case by case and this section will be updated accordingly. Shipping provider will try to find the appropriate solution for the most of the needs of users. However, shipping provider does not promise to implement all requested features, nor does promise to maintain any deadlines for implementation.

    Case studies

    Shipping API has a solid proof-of-concept. If you require additional information about Shipping API case studies, please consult this section.

    Large domestic shipper example:

    eKupi is a general web retailer focusing on consumer electronics. eKupi is sending thousands of B2C shipments per day within Croatia and is integrated via. Shipments are picked up at several addresses and delivered mostly to private consumers. Additional information about this case will be provided later on.

    Small domestic shipper: is a small privately operated web shop that offers cosmetics and food supplements to the buyers in Croatia. Shipments are picked up at one address and delivered to multiple addresses in Croatia. Additional information about this case will be provided later on.

    Large online classifieds: Njuškalo

    Njuškalo is the largest online classifieds directory in Croatia which offers its private users the possibility to create shipments, offer shipping prices and and schedule shipment collection via seamless integration of Shipping API into the classifieds platform. Njuškalo users are grated with free-of-charge fraud protection mechanism if cash-on-delivery is used. Additional information about this case will be provided later on.

    Legal information and data exchange

    Shipping APIs data exchange is governed by the legislation on data protection and contractual provisions between the shipping provider and shipping providers customer.

    Getting access to Shipping APIs

    If you require the access to Shipping API, please contact your sales representative with details of your request in writing. If your request is approved you will receive your API key. Access to Shipping API may require signing documents. Only customers with a valid customer account number (customer ID) of the shipping provider have the right to be granted the access to Shipping API.

    Legal information and legislation

    All unauthorized access to Shipping API is strictly prohibited and can be subject to prosecution. If you are not sure if you have the right to access Shipping API, DO NOT ACCESS IT. Contact a parcel shipping company and ask for the proof of right to access Shipping APIs. You can find the contacts here. Shipping data contains sensitive customer data information. The exchange of such data is governed by Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and as such is applicable to all EU member states. Moreover, additional local legislative of EU countries can be applicable. Countries in the process of EU accession may have different personal data protection legal provisions (Republic of Serbia). Adherence to personal data provisions is a strict responsibility of both shipper and a parcel shipping company. Additional rules of the shipping company may apply.

    Additional rules of using Shipping API

    Each shipping provider may list a set of corporate rules that apply to usage of Shipping API. Some of those documents are listed here:

    Country Regulation name in local language Link to regulation
    Croatia General Terms and Conditions of Business Conduct of Overseas Trade Co. Ltd. d.o.o. (HR: Opći uvjeti poslovanja društva Overseas Trade Co. Ltd. d.o.o.) link to website
    General Terms and Conditions of Use of Web Site and Web Applications of Overseas Trade Co. Ltd. d.o.o. (HR: Opći uvjeti o uvjetima i načinu korištenja internet stranica i internet aplikacija društva Overseas Trade Co. Ltd. d.o.o.) link to website

    There may be additional documents and rules relevant to your business - be sure to contact appropriate support contact to determine what additional rules may apply.

    Third party access to exchanged information

    The Shipping API has been developed by a company INFRANET RAZVOJ d.o.o. / INFRANET DEVELOPMENT Ltd. ( incorporated in Croatia, VAT ID: HR96216592400, hereinfater reffered to as the Developer. The Developer is not licensed to grant access to Shipping APIs, not to. However, the Developer may be involved into shipping integration project if a customer or shipping provider requires so. The developer will not answer any of the requests submitted by an exisiting or potential Shipping API users without the explicit written approval of the shipping provider. If you require support, please use the listed Support contact details.


    This documenatation is maintained by the Developer. If you require any assistance regarding the use of this documentation, please use Support contact details.

    Support contact details

    If you require support, please consult the listed support contact details for the country and type of inquiry you have.

    Country Support type Company name Contact email Working hours
    Monday-Friday Saturday Sunday and holiday
    Croatia General customer support Overseas Express 8-20h CET
    Technical API support Overseas Express 8-18h CET closed
    Request for API access Overseas Express 9-17h CET closed
    Implementation and integrations Infranet 9-17h CET closed